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We have been planning, constructing and maintaining trails since 1998 because we love mountain biking and hiking.

Trails are a testimony to our unique cultural landscape. Ever since humans first settled in the Alpine region, they have been creating countless paths to transport goods from A to B, to bring cattle to pastures and alpine fields, and to get from one valley to the next. We still move along these historical routes today – even if we’re often not aware of it. For the most part, however, use of these trails has changed considerably. The transport routes are now used for recreational activities. The entire network of hiking trails in Switzerland covers about 65,000 km and enables mountain bikers and hikers to explore our countryside.

Current projects and news:

Villars-sur-Ollon: Maxi Avalanche

Innsbruck: Trail Running Championships 2023

Vercorin: Crêt-du-Midi

A two-kilometre-long mountain bike trail with challenging elements, side hits and jumps is currently being set up in Vercorin.

Disentis/Mustér: Restoration of hiking trails

Branch in Valais